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10/17/2020    Just Posted:  Lots of red, green, burgundy, wine, rust and more

Here's a return of an old favorite:
The Mug Boss to hold your tools while you weave
Makes a great gift for your crafty friends!

***Check out our New Kits

NEW!     Mixed Dyed Reed    NEW!

These bundles are made up of pieces of SOLID COLORED reed in 3 or 4 colors.  This is NOT Space dyed reed but the colors are put together to match the space dyed reed of the same name.  To help differentiate between these mixed bundles and space dyed reed, we are using the same picture for all sizes in the same color scheme.

For now, 1/4" FO, 3/8" Flat and 1/2" Flat in "Jewels" colors of Navy, Wine and Dk green are the only bundles available.  We will add more combinations as we dye more space dyed reed.

***Just In: Waxed Linen 100 yd spools in lots of new colors
New!  Waxed Linen 10 yd spools in black, brown and natural

We will dye any size reed in any color that you want. 
Just click on "Reed, Dyed to Order" in the column to the left under categories and order whatever you want. 
If you don't find your desired color in the pull down list,
just type it in the blank by "other color"

Our Two Favorite Books are back in print and on our shelves!

New Tools!  It's a SCORP.  This carving/shaving
tool is used to thin reed when overlapping.

Side Cutters
The best available
for cutting willow,
reed or cane.


Dyed Reed Is Our Specialty 

We have become known throughout the U.S. for our beautiful dyed and space-dyed reed.  All of our reed is treated to minimize bleeding.

We will dye any color of reed in any size you want. If you need a specific color or want to match a decor, just let us know and we can dye it for you. Please allow 2 weeks to dye and dry your weaving product. Check out our "In Stock Dyed Reed" to see what is already dyed and ready to ship to you.

If you have any questions about a specific product, custom dyeing, shipping or just additional information, please call us. We would love to hear from you.

Jim and Eileen Mirsberger


You can order online, by email, or by phone.
We can ship your order, or you can pick it up at by appointment.  Just call for our address, directions and arrange a date and time to pick up.

Do You Own Our Favorite Tool?

Click on the link below to see detailed instructions for using the EZ Lash tool that protects your lasher from shredding, fraying and breaking. It is also the best tool for starting and stopping your rim lasher the easy way.

EZ Lash Instructions

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