The Story of Tucker and Willow


Kelly worked at East Troy Basketry. One day Kelly was driving home on Hwy 20 by the airport on the edge of East troy when she found us in the ditch. We were in pretty bad shape. We were only about 3 weeks old and were starving, dirty and had lots of other problems like ear mites and other yucky.



Kelly didn't know what to do with us so she took us to East Troy Basketry. joanEileen wasn't there but we did our best to charm Jim, who fell in love with us (of course) and gave us names. We knew that was a good sign. We were so tiny that both of us fit into one of Jim's hands. Jim took us to stay with Joan. She is our angel. She works at East Troy Basketry too. Joan takes in orphaned kittens like us and take care of them until they are old enough to be adopted.


tuckerwillowchairThe picture to the left is the first one that Joan took of us after she cleaned us up. She calls us her "ditch kitties". After we got more healthy and able to eat dry food Joan took us back to East Troy Basketry. Eileen thought we needed to have basket names so she changed our names to Will and Nantucket (Tucker) because of our colors.


The picture  to the right is what we look like now that we are tuckerwillowchair3 years old.  We are very loving kitties. We'd rather be held and cuddled than eat or play. We let everybody hold us if they want to. Fortunately, most of the people who come to visit East Troy Basketry love animals. If someone doesn't like cats or is allergic to us, we get locked in our room for awhile. We don't mind though. We have lots of toys that people have brought us and lots of reed and baskets to play with. 

Thanks for reading our miracle story. We hope to see you soon!