First Time Ever
     Dyed Reed Sale

 10% off all IN-STOCK
 Solid and Space-Dyed Reed
 March 12 - 26 only

Our shelves are overflowing with fresh dyed reed.  We have passed the long winter days dyeing reed.  Now with winter back again... we need to make room for more!

Remember, there's only one of each bundle of dyed reed.    
When it's gone...It's Gone!


In order to make it easier for you to find the Dyed Reed you are looking for, the Dyed Reed that we have IN-STOCK is arranged according to size and also according to color families.  We hope you like this change.


WELCOME to East Troy Basketry.

Dyed Reed Is Our Specialty

We have become known throughout the U.S. for our beautiful dyed and space-dyed reed.  All of our reed is treated to minimize bleeding.

We will dye any color of reed in any size you want.  If you need a specific color or want to match a decor, just let us know and we can dye it for you.  Please allow 2 weeks to dye and dry your weaving product.  Check out our "In Stock Dyed Reed" to see what is already dyed and ready to ship to you.

If you have any questions about a specific product, custom dyeing, shipping or just additional information, please call us. We would love to hear from you.

Jim and Eileen MirsbergerSPECIAL


You can order online, by email, or by phone.
We can ship your order, or you can pick it up at by appointment.  Just call for our address, directions and arrange a date and time to pick up.

Our Online Store is always open.

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