Basket Buckles Maker
Going To Close Her Business

If you want us to get any basket buckles or basket buttons for you, call or email us asap so we can get our order in the que.  She will accept orders until 12/31/15 but we would like to
place our last order by December 1
She is very busy and will not be able to do any last minute or rush orders. 

If you want any by Christmas, plan for at least an 8 week wait.  So, call us now!  262-642-3732

Dyed Reed

Now that I've retired, Jim has more time to do the part of ETB that he loves most: 
DYE REED and I have time to post it on our website :-) 

We now have all of our IN-STOCK Dyed Reed  available online and can be purchased right along with the rest of your order.  I have posted a picture of each bundle of reed so that you are purchasing the exact bundle of reed pictured.  (click here)  This also means no more waiting for us to dye your reed, unless of course, we don't have what you want in stock.  Then, of course, we will still dye it after you order it.

The dyed reed is arranged according to color families.  All space-dyed reed is posted first.  Next comes black, blue, gree
n, brown, the reds, purple, pink, orange and yellow.

These pages change daily as Jim dyes.

Remember, there is only one of each item posted so you can't plan on it being there when you return next time.  If we have more than one, each bundle will have its own posting.

We are going to begin carrying some of the most popular colors of waxed linen.  These will also be posted on our website.  Click on WAXED LINEN to check it out.

Check it out! 
We've just added
42 more authors and
200+ additional patterns


WELCOME to East Troy Basketry.

Dyed Reed Is Our Specialty

We have become known throughout the U.S. for our beautiful dyed and space-dyed reed.  All of our reed is treated to minimize bleeding.

We will dye any color of reed in any size you want.  If you need a specific color or want to match a decor, just let us know and we can dye it for you. All reed is dyed after it is ordered.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to dye and dry your weaving product.

If you have any questions about a specific product, custom dying, shipping or just additional information, please call us. We would love to hear from you.

Jim and Eileen MirsbergerSPECIAL


You can order online, by email, or by phone.
We can ship your order, or you can pick it up at by appointment.  Just call for our address, directions and arrange a date and time to pick up.

Our Online Store is always open.

Do You Own Our Favorite Tool?  

Click on the link below to see detailed instructions for using the EZ Lash tool that protects your lasher from shredding, fraying and breaking.  It is also the best tool for starting and stopping your rim lasher the easy way.             
EZ Lash Instructions